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Penton Mewsey Parish Council believes that communicating to the parish is a vital part of our work.

Keeping residents up to date and informed of latest issues; advising on important documentation that may impact the parish or simply updating everyone on what has been going on within the villages over the last 4 months is very important to us.

There are 4 notice boards in and around the parish. These are located at the recreation ground, by the post box at Trinity Rise, by the bench at the top of Harroway Lane and in the bus shelter. Items that we consider urgent or require a definite response we deliver to every door by means of a ‘flyer’.

In addition to this we also send important information to a wide audience by email ‘round robin’.

By no means lastly we are very proud of our new design web site that can be accessed at all times.

To supplement these forms of communication we publish a PARISH NEWS LETTER every 4 months to all residents within the Pentons.

The PARISH NEWS LETTERS are published below for your information:

  May 2012 Issue 1 Sep 2012 Issue 2
Jan 2013 Issue 3 May 2013 Issue 1 Sep 2013 Issue 2
Jan 2014 Issue 3 May 2014 Issue 1 Sept 2014 Issue 2
Jan 2015 Issue 3 May 2015 Issue 1 Sept 2015 Issue 2
Jan 2016 Issue 3 May 2016 Issue 1 Page 1  Page 2 Sept 2016 Issue 2
Jan 2017 Issue 3 May 2017 Issue 1 Sept 2017 Issue 2
Special Edition Issue August 2017    
(Including the Electoral Boundary Ward Review 2017)    
 Jan 2018 Issue 3 May 2018 Issue 1 Sept 2018 Issue 2
Jan 2019 Issue 3   Page 1   Page 2 May 2019 Issue 1 Sept 2019 Issue 2
Jan 2020 Issue 3 Page 1   Page 2 May 2020 E Copy  Sept 2020 Issue 2
Jan 2021 E Copy May 2021 Issue 1  
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