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 James’s Place offers a wide variety of activities for adults with disabilities designed to encourage them to want to explore things they may have previously thought were beyond them.   The main ethos of James’s Place is that life should be fun, and learning equally so.  Members are empowered to make choices and allowed to experiment with those choices in a safe and caring environment.  So from silk painting to modelling with clay, from racing remote control cars to driving the James’s Place “tractor”, from cooking in the kitchen to doing a barbecue on the terrace - if you want to do it, we can help you to do it.



An 18th Century mansion set in its own grounds and private woodlands, James’s Place is staffed by hugely experienced and dedicated staff and enthusiastic volunteers, and members have the freedom to discover what is important to them.


James’s Place caters for people with varying disabilities.  Following a free half-day assessment, members can attend on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.   Members attend as frequently or as infrequently as they wish – some may attend one morning a week, others may attend each of the three days.

Community and social interaction is very important and members have the opportunity to take part in local community events, and to go on “Awaydays” to museums and places of interest.

At James’s Place everyone is treated as a member of James’s Family, and this informal attitude goes a long way to increasing confidence and promoting the building of social relationships.  Many members who may have attended other day services in the past really appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.



If you feel inspired to become part of James's family we are always happy to welcome new volunteers. No particular skills or talent necessary - just a wish to make a difference to someone's life. You don't have to commit to coming every week, just when you can. Why not call in and have a look around and a chat?


At the moment we are looking for someone to work with an older gentleman with physical disabilities who likes doing crossword puzzles and quizzes. Willing people to join our choir (a good singing voice is not necessarily a requisite), and someone to help compose adverts to go on ebay. Of course if there's anyone there who has something else to offer....... !








Alternatively if you know of anyone who could benefit from becoming a member here please do pass our information onto them. 


For further details, please contact Melody on 01264 772400 or email:  



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